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American Escorts in London

The USA is the most important country in the world in terms of politics, economics, film, television and celebrity culture, and with a population of 300 million, it is not surprising to find that it produces the most beautiful women in the world. A glimpse at any celebrity magazine is enough to prove this, and now – thankfully for us – there are increasing numbers of sexy escorts in London arriving from The States.

Aurum Escorts represents a number of beautiful, seductive and very, very sexy American escorts in London, and these girls come in all shapes, sizes and ages, with a range of temperaments, interests and levels of education.

We have the traditional Californian beach bunny type: These girls have sun-streaked blonde hair, big blue eyes, bodies toned at the gym and from water sports, and skin darkened by hours spent lounging around on the most glamorous beaches in the world. These blonde bombshells tend to be the lively, bubbly types, and are broad-minded as a result of growing up in the home of movie star glamour.

There are other sexy American escorts in London who combine their American sass with Spanish or Southern American heritage. Their complexions, hair and eyes are dark, and their accents come with that exotic edge that sends shivers through even the hardest-hearted of men. These ladies come in all shapes and sizes, from the curvy babe to the slender stunner, but all bring an unusual exoticism to the equation that makes them that much more appealing to gentlemen looking for something that extra bit special.

The USA is renowned for not sharing that British concept of ‘old money’, but without a doubt, many of the sexy American escorts in London possess real sophistication and refinement. These include educated girls who study in the day and enjoy a second life of pure enjoyment during the evening. These escorts often make the best choice as companions for formal functions or work events. They possess the wit and charm to impress your colleagues and friends, and are seductive and beautiful enough to make your evening nightcap well worth the wait.

All these sexy American escorts are available for incall and outcall appointments in London, and many are available for business or pleasure trips abroad. If you would like an incall booking, your girl is able to join you at your own home or hotel, or you may wish to spend your time with her in her own secure and fully equipped apartment.