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January 21st, 2011

London escort and group sex

It turns out women also wish to take part in group sex like men. These results were obtained by organizers of an online poll at an Australian online dating site.
Almost 40% of respondents agree on a group consisting of an equal number of representatives of both sexes, 30% prefer the number of male would dominate and 30% like women constituting a majority.
54% of men and 46% of women were initiators of group sex. These figures refute the notion women do not accept sex in front of witnesses, and with several people.
Sex in a group is chosen by people with a steady partner. And besides, most couples engage in such “adult games” together, for example, inviting London escort girls.
The most common reasons pushing people to such experiments include a desire to experience thrill and excitement associated with it, as well as receive diversity in sex and revive boring relationship.
40% of surveyed Australians confirmed they participated in group sex only once and less than 10% do it weekly or monthly.
The main reason forcing them to regret for the action and abandon it is a partner’s jealousy.